Gay Mens Fetish
Gay mens fetish

Gay Men's Fetish

Some of the ultimate gay mens fetish products are extreme swimwear, male chastity devices, cock stretchers, male to female transformation gear, spandex sex wear and so much more.Here is an example of a item. One of hundreds! Into gay mens fetish? don't miss this product!

Anal Challenge 2X

There are many things in life that can give you pleasure, but nothing comes close to the pleasure you can get from anal play. The Anal Challenge 2X is the perfect toy for any guy, or gal, who is trying to amp up their anal amusement and take it to a whole new level of enjoyment. The Anal Challenge 2X is just like the original Anal Challenge except that it has the addition of an extra ball that pushes the hook deeper and stimulates even more than you could ever imagine.

If you are new to the anal play aspect, then you might want to start out with the original Anal Challenge and work your way up to something as extreme as the Anal Challenge 2X. This isn't a toy that beginners should be focusing on just yet, and only experienced anal fanatics should even try this one out. But once you have played around with the different options that are available, the Anal Challenge 2X is going to be the next level of pleasure that you can obtain in the anal exploration realm. Once you do make it to this level, then you will find out why the Anal Challenge 2X is such a highly sought after toy.

There are plenty of reasons to try anal stimulation, but one of the best reasons is so that you can work your way up to using the Anal Challenge 2X on a regular basis. This baby goes an extra two inches inside you for that deep anal stimulation that other toys just can't seem to give you. With that being said, you have to be able to control yourself while using this little toy or you could end up in an orgasm that is so hard you might lose your mind; not that that would be a bad thing, of course. But do you really want your play to end so quickly?

Gay men’s fetish

What is gay men’s fetish? You know how good it is? How you feel like when you and your guy are together for a long time now, way past "the honeymoon period" characteristic of the early stages of a relationship. So what are your fetishes when you call yourself a GAY?

This is very much known of gays that they love spandex like any other thing on this planet. Spandex is on the priority list for the gay men’s fetish. Spandex clothing drives a gay man crazy because the feel a gay man gets from spandex is simply exuberant.  A gay men’s fetish can also range from rubber, latex, spandex, thongs, plastic to leather and other stuffs of the same kind. 

Mens swimwear
The love for the rubber as gay fetishism is termed as Rubberists. The love for the fetish drives the gays to limits and these are those people who just leave no stone unturned to get nasty in latex. The gay men’s fetish is flaunted by those who fulfill their dream of wearing this kind of fetish wear for men. They love to get dressed in such tight clothing and love to look sexy. This fetish is suppressed only once you are experiencing an intimate relation with someone of the same fetishism. You love to see them in the same clothing and love to caress their bodies and they do the same with yours. Spandex make a layer on your body like a duplicate skin and is a sex wear indeed. Spandex or latex is termed as a sex wear is deeply associated with sex. This is rightly known by them who use this during sexual activities. While wearing spandex you can easily fulfill your gay men fetish by playing with your own organs. The feel that you get wearing this super clothing is simply marvelous.  

 Latex products are widely sold, making this fetish wear for men available to latex fetishes to satisfy their sexual needs and is accessible to almost all age groups.

As gay men you can probably love to satisfy your fetish when you are with your partner. Gay men are also involved in visiting places where they see other fetishists of the same kind.

Another way that turns gay men’s fetish is leather. Leather as a gay men’s fetish has an extremely sensuous smell that leaves them thunderstruck with its exotic smell.  You can turn a gay into a sex kitten with your charming leather stuff. Most gays who come to know other gay men’s fetish, trap them, and then get cozy with them to satisfy their physical needs.

When it comes to fetishes, there is an entire community of gays that goes crazy over feeling, wearing, and seeing leather, spandex, plastic etc as gay men’s fetish. Few of them need the feel of this fetish wear around them so that they can have the arousal or the climax. Gays enjoy the excitement and comfort of this fetish wear for all day long.

Gay men are just examples of exceptions in the nature’s art. What was once condemned to be a sinful act has become all the more public and extremely popular, for it has been attracting many people towards it from all cultures and from all over the world. Gay sex was condemned by religious activists to be against god and against religious activities but things have changed completely and gay sex has been declared legal in most developed countries and gay marriages have been happening every now and then, somewhere in the world. When things come to sex, people are attracted to a number of things which they call fetish.


Even in the case of straight sex, people have fetish towards a number of body parts such as ass, foot, breasts and other female attractions. So if you are someone who has no idea about gay sex, you may wonder what gay men are attracted to, to be interested in gay sex. The answer is pretty simple. Gay men find other men interesting that they are interested in making physical contact with them. The physical contact can be in a number of ways and it can be anal sex too. Many gay men are interested to suck other men and be sucked by them. This is one type of fetish which most of the gay men are interested in. There are others who try and execute all such weird activities in the company of men.


The fetish of gay men depends on their customary position. The partners in gay sex are referred as top and bottom with the top being the dominant partner and the bottom being the submissive one. Some gay men are interested in seeing their partner like women that they want to look their penis to be like the vagina of women. These men go for cross dressing activities also. Though this may seem something out of the sky to someone who is not a part of this activity, yet for others who are interested in gay sex this is one of the most common activities. There are people with foot fetish too. They are interested in sucking the foot of their partner’s. They suck at each other’s toes as though they are eating a delicious chicken which has been roasted to a great taste.


They are many cases of asshole fetish too. These people do not consider the anal opening as dirty and feel elated to lick and suck it. Such activities may be weird but for the ones who are interested and performing it, it gives great pleasure to perform these lewd acts. Sometimes gay sex can be a BDSM activity also. In most cases of gay sex, the top shows considerable domination over the bottom but these cannot be considered as BDSM fetish. In certain cases, the whole affairs gets too exciting that people start enjoying from the pain that they take and pain is converted to pleasure. In these cases, the fetish of the people blinds them and they go forward in having a wonderful experience which only they can feel.

Guide to Gay Men’s Fetish
Sexual or erotic fetishism occurs when a person is aroused by a body part, object or situation that is not normally viewed as being sexual, and a key characteristic is that the focus of the fetish is typically objectified and depersonalized. So for example a common gay men’s fetish might involve PVC underwear. For the person with this kind of fetish it is the underwear itself the causes a sexual reaction, regardless of who is wearing it, so the underwear takes a sexual preference over the people involved in the intimate encounter. In some extreme cases the object of the fetish may even exist as an exclusive focus for sexual gratification and the person with the fetish may find that they cannot achieve any meaningful release without the inclusion of the fetish in each sexual encounter.

Clothing Fetishes
There are many different fetishes, and a large number of these cross over genders and sexual orientations. Clothing and fabric fixations are thought to be the most common types of both straight and gay men’s fetish, and these can include sexual attractions to uniforms, restrictive clothing, leather, PVC, latex, spandex, fur fabrics and costumes. The fetishist may take pleasure from wearing these clothes or seeing them being worn, or by may even derive satisfaction from simply collecting these garments and displaying them. A clothing fetish is quite different from paraphilia, which is when garments are worn enhance looks and attract attention such as sexy underwear, tight jeans or high heels, as this is merely an appreciation of the appearance enhancing effects of certain types of clothing, and the clothing itself is not the exclusive object of sexual arousal.

Almost any garment can be a fetish, but there are some common items of clothing that appear regular as gay men’s fetish objects and these can include footwear, tight and revealing underwear and uniforms. Certain fabrics can also be the object of gay men’s fetish attractions such as the look, smell and feel of fur, leather, spandex, PVC or latex. Here are just a few common types of gay men’s fetish clothing:
• Jackets – surprisingly studies have shown that jackets are the third most popular item for both straight and gay men’s fetish, after shoes and uniforms/costumes, and this type of fetish is usually associated with a sexual attraction towards PVC or leather jackets (closely linked with bondage and domination games) and also padded nylon jackets. Many people with a fetish attraction to jackets get particularly excited by the idea of them being worn with either nothing on underneath, or just some sexy, skimpy bits of underwear.

• Restrictive Clothing – clothing that limits movement is another popular gay men’s fetish and is also closely associated with bondage, and can include high heeled footwear, corsets, tight PVC catsuits and spandex or Lycra zentai suits. Both straight and gay men with this type of fetish can enjoy wearing restrictive clothing normally associated with women’s wear such as corsets and hobble skirts, (long tight skirts made of latex and PVC which restrict walking), but do not wish to be labeled as transvestites, as it is the particular item of clothing that they find arousing and want to experience, not women’s clothing as a whole.
• Underwear – erotic gay men’s fetish underwear is available in many different styles and designs from micro bikinis which draw the penis back and hold it between the legs creating a smooth, feminized front, through to the classic skin hugging penis sleeves and pouches, and gay men’s fetish underwear is available in many different materials including PVC, leather, spandex, Lycra and lace.
• Uniforms and Costumes – uniforms and costumes are very popular gay men’s fetish clothing, and those common preferences include typically masculine stereotypes such as policemen, soldiers, cowboys, construction workers, doctors and even judges. Uniforms and costumes bring a titivating sense of reality to game play, so if you are aroused by the thought of being handcuffed and detained by a dominating authority figure then dressing your playmate in a policeman’s outfit can heighten the sense of awareness and bring a greater feeling of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.
• Glasses – this is another surprisingly popular straight and gay men’s fetish, and an entire genre of pornography dubbed ‘specs appeal’ has developed to fulfill this sexual need, and also when this appears in adult anime it is known as meganekko. For those with this fetish sexual encounters can be heightened by the inclusion of glasses (either wearing them or seeing them being worn by a playmate), and ejaculation on the glasses may also play a large part in the overall fetish.

Medical Fetish
A whole genre of pornography is devoted entirely to medical fetishes, and this can include fetishes which revolve around particular medical implements or treatments and also ‘gynomania’, which explores hardcore sexual interaction between nurses, doctors and patients in the settings of doctors offices and hospitals. There are a number of adult websites that feature gynomania images and videos which can satisfy both straight and gay men’s fetish for medical clothing, objects and situations including:
• (

Fisting Fetish
Fisting is a type of hardcore gay men’s fetish sex play that involves inserting the hand into the anus and then gently balling the fingers together into a fist when fully inserted. This is considered a fetish as it is not a conventional part of gay sex, and the number of gay men that enjoy it are small compared to those that enjoy other forms of anal sex. Lesbians and heterosexual women also enjoy fisting, as well as a small percentage of straight men.

Fisting can be very pleasurable for gay men, but it is an extreme form of play and must be carried out carefully to avoid causing unnecessary pain. The anus contains both internal and external sensitive sphincter muscles, and each person will react differently to penetration, so it helps if you have explored your body’s own reaction to anal penetration before you try fisting, so that you understand your own limits. Fisting provides an acute level of contact against the sphincter and prostate, which can result in intense sexual gratification, but you will need to feel completely comfortable when engaging in fisting so that you can relax enough to prevent pain, and proper lubrication also helps to increase sexual pleasure and reduce discomfort.

Fisting can be very sexually rewarding, but it is an extreme gay men’s fetish which can cause anal fissures and other problems if not done carefully and correctly, so always stop if you feel uncomfortable, and don’t be embarrassed to seek advice from a medical adviser if you are still experiencing pain a few days later.

Fetish Dildos
Dildos are popular adult gay men’s fetish toys and are widely available from both regular bricks and mortar sex shops and specialist online adult clothing and accessories stores. Dildos are typically made of flexible synthetic rubber which creates a firm and realistic penis substitute, and come in a whole range of different colors, textures and sizes to suit almost any gay men’s fetish. Dildos objectify the penis, and particular kinds can be the focus of many gay men’s fetish fixations, and they can be used to create intense anal sex sessions that provide a lot of sexual gratification. Many straight men also enjoy the inclusion of dildos into sex games, so that they can experience the intense penetration of anal sex, whilst at the same time penetrating their partner or receiving oral sex, and there are a number of harness dildo kits that can allow women to simulate penetration, both on male and female partners.

Dildos are versatile and fun, and make great adult toys to spice up a relationship and they are also safe and affordable, and easy to buy online.
Butt plugs are a type of dildo and a popular gay men’s fetish as they allow anal penetration as part of sex play or masturbation. There are a number of butt plug designs from companies such as that are integrated into underwear and bikini style briefs, and this allows gay and straight men who enjoy anal penetration to fix a 3 inch or 6 inch butt plug dildo into place, and then wear it comfortably for as long as they desire. Wearing a butt plug discreetly in public can be incredible arousing, and if your partner has a fetish for dildos it can be an serious turn on for them to know you are being penetrated by a butt plug whilst standing next to them, or to wear one themselves when they go out in the evening or just to pop down to the shops.

Partialism Fetish
) – this is aimed more at straight men, and features hardcore medical sex with doctors and nurses masturbating and engaging in naughty and dirty sex in the doctors office and on hospital wards.
• (www. – gay men’s fetish for all things medical can be satisfied on this website which features hardcore pictures of hot male doctors, patients and nurses getting it on.
You can buy doctors and nurses uniforms from adult clothing websites, fancy dress stores and sex shops, and these to bring a thrilling sense of reality to your sex games. Just remember though it is illegal to pose as a qualified medical practitioner so don’t take your games too far!
Partialism is straight or gay men’s fetish for particular body parts, which are not typically viewed as being erotic. For example the breasts, buttocks and genitals are consider to be conventional sexual turn ons, but the hands, feet and ears are much less common, and would be considered to be a straight or gay men’s fetish if they caused a particular sense of arousal. Hair can also be a straight or gay men’s fetish, and it particularly long black, red or blond hair seems to be a common turn on, and someone with a fetish for a certain type of hair (or lack of it) will be aroused just by seeing this hair or by touching it, objectifying it so that it is placed before the person themselves in terms of sexual arousal.

Tattoos Fetish
Another common straight and gay men’s fetish is for tattoos and body piercings and this is sometimes known as ‘stigmatophilia’. A whole genre of pornography is devoted to tattoos and body art, and it is common for porn stars across the genres to have tattoos and various body piercings either on the genitals or other parts of the body. People who get aroused by tattoo fetishes can either enjoy getting tattoos and body piercings on their own bodies or watching others get them done, or get highly aroused by looking at images of tattoos and having sexual encounters with those with tattoos and body art.

This interesting straight and gay men fetish is for statues, dolls or mannequins, (or for complete immobility itself), and occurs frequently throughout the human subconscious in literature such as Luis Bunuel's L'Âge d'or, films such as The Cell by director Tarsem Singh and Lars and The Real Girl by director Craig Gillispie and also photographs by prominent artists such as Hans Bellmer, Helmut Newton, Morton Bartlett and Bernard Faucon. Also sex dolls are very popular and are sold in high numbers through sex shops and online adult stores all around the world.

This fetish may manifest as the desire for sexual contact with the mannequin or stature, or the thought or sexual encounters with an animated, inanimate object, or the desire for being transformed into an immobile stature themselves (commonly through the use of latex or rubber clothing and sheeting to completely bind and restrict the body). This also crosses over to Pygmalionism, which is a sexual attraction to an object you have created yourself.

There are a number of gay men’s fetish fixations, and these can take a range of forms from clothing through to imamate objects, and are often shared by so many other people that they have developed whole genres of pornography and art all to themselves, where like minded people can come together and enjoy their focus of their desire.
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